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  • Are you wanting to restore the existing waterproofing on your home or business?
  • Do you need a waterproofing solution to overlay the existing membrane?
  • Do you require expert waterproofing advice and a solution?

If you want to know if its possible to restore or overlay your existing waterproofing membrane we can help. The team at Superior Waterproofing have your existing waterproofing covered, we have multiple solutions to overlay existing membrane or low sloped metal roofing. We can also manage the entire roofing project from start to finish using our trusted subcontractor network, including access/edge protection, shrinkwrap, scaffolding, builders, plumbers, plasterers.

Superior waterproofing are your local membrane roof remedial experts, with a growing network of repeat customers over 100  across the Auckland region you know you are working with a waterproofing company you can trust, Call us now on 0800 131 808.


  • Internal gutters for factories / homes / buildings
  • Tiled membrane decks over living spaces
  • Leaky , tired worn out membrane roofs
  • Leaky waterproofed decks
  • Canopy roofs
  • Warm roof solutions over existing membrane / low slope metal roofing
  • Overlay systems for existing torch on , butynol , Epdm, fibreglass  Roofs

Membrane Maintenance

Do you require repairs or maintenance to your home, business or complex in Auckland?

Roof/Gutter/Deck Restoration

Do you need a solution to restore or replace the existing membrane roof/deck or internal gutter in Auckland/West Auckland?

Membrane Decks

Do you need a waterproofing system for a new deck area in Auckland?

Membrane Roofs

Do you need a waterproofing system for a new roof area in Auckland?

Bathroom & Wet Areas

Are you renovating your bathroom, laundry or kitchen? Need waterproofing in Auckland?

Below Ground Tanking

Do you need below ground tanking for retaining walls or underslab in Auckland?

Leaky Basements

Do you have a leaky basement, rising damp or water seeping through your concrete walls or floors in Auckland?

Exterior Coating

Do you need to seal exterior concrete block fibrolite cement board or plaster walls of your home, business, or complex in Auckland?

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About Us

Superior Waterproofing are your local, certified waterproofing technicians. Based in Auckland we are capable of handling a variety of projects and discussing your requirements.

Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Membrane Decks
  • Flat Roofs
  • Internal Gutters
  • Tanking
  • Leaky Basements
  • Exterior Coatings
  • Bathroom Waterproofing
  • Programmed Maintenance


  • Roofing Association
  • Membrane Group
  • Site Safe
  • Hazard Co.
  • Nufed

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